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Partial Discharge on the bas bar

13 Amps Engineering

Acousting Imaging Testing Wantage

At 13 Amps Engineering, we perform testing using the SoundCam ULTRA Acoustic Imaging Camera, perfect for finding sources in the high and ultrasonic range up to 100khz. The camera detects partial discharges produced by high voltage and medium voltage electrical systems by easily classifying floating discharge, surface discharge and discharge into the air.

The Benefits Of Partial Discharge Testing

Partial Discharge Testing results can help you to predict the future performance and reliability of critical assets, such as:

  • bus bars, cables, splices, terminations, switchgear, power transformers and bushing, motors, and generators, consumer units, fuses, contactors, battery banks, UPS, control panels and cable joints.

In mechanical systems the camera detects:

  • leaks in compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems which can negatively impact production uptime and machine performance 
  • locations especially prone to air and gas leaks in plants and manufacturing facilities include equipment pipelines, pipes, valves, and equipment gaps, where they are generally invisible to the naked eye and only traceable with specialized equipment.

Minimising leaks can help improve cost efficiency considerably, with many air compressors and similar systems losing up to 30% of the electricity used to power them to leakage.

So, as you can see, partial discharge tests are essential as, besides the obvious benefits mentioned above, they will give you peace of mind that your work is fault free and your clients are satisfied with the results. 

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