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At 13 Amps Engineering a professional development is very important, especially when it comes to the electrical field.  We understand that thanks to continuous learning we can offer our customers not only safe and professional services but we can also suggest better solutions to solve their problems. Certain electrical jobs, for example, adding an extra light switch can be done without damaging the wall and adding extra cables. However, what we hear from our customers is that the modern solutions are hardly ever proposed to them. This is due to the fact that some companies don’t like  investing in training their own employees and are happy to offer only the “traditional” services. Some companies  will put  the staff  through in – house training which is quite often insufficient as the employees selected to train others don’t have the current knowledge themselves. The last but not least are those electricians  who just feel too old to undertake further training, and when you meet them, they will suggest solutions they initially learnt 10 – 20 years ago.

Unlike other companies I decided to share with you the list of my qualifications to ensure you that I am a fully qualified electrician, and this is a fact rather than just some words. I am passionate about my work and I will be studying and gaining new skills in this area as long I work as an electrician so I can continue to grow and serve you better.

Matt Jocz
The owner of 13 Amps Engineering but most of all the electrician!